Virtual DJ Rising Star Competition

About Virtual DJ Rising Star Competition in the Metaverse

Virtual DJ Rising Star Competition aims to present the first ever DJ competition in the metaverse and to capture audience experiences in the metaverse. It also aims to review DJ talents for future co-operation.

The competition is for amateur DJs to showcase their talents and win opportunities for comprehensive support on their path towards international stardom.

The DJs will be using TribeXR to mix and record their performances. The performances will then be uploaded to social media for audience members to view and vote.

The virtual event is made possible through the utilization of the virtual DJ software TribeXR.



Competition Timeline

How to Participate

Step 1

Make sure you have a VR device, TribeXR app and Tribe Plus subscription. 

Step 2

Get familiar with TribeXR with their in-app tutorial.

Step 3

Watch our tutorial video and import your choice of our two specified songs to your VR device.

Step 4

Record your set with a separate mobile device or pc.

Step 5

Upload your set to a drive of your choice. Make sure your settings allow us to download your set for judging!

Step 6

Fill in our submission form and include the video link to your recorded set!

Winner’s Prizes

WINNER: HK$7,000
1st Runner-up HK$6,000
2nd Runner-up HK$5,000

Rules and Regulations

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Terms and Conditions

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